Student in Research – Abdulaziz Alanazi

Contributed by Dr. Somanath Shenoy, Assistant Department Head for Research and Graduate Education in Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy

Abdulaziz (Abdul) Alanazi, PharmD, MS ‘22, is a dedicated graduate student who has made substantial contributions to the College of Pharmacy’s Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics (CET) program under the mentorship of Dr. Somanath Shenoy, the Assistant Department Head for Research and Graduate Education in the Department for Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy at the extended campus in Augusta.  Alanazi currently is enrolled in the CET doctoral program, reflecting his passion for exploring therapeutic interventions and understanding the intricacies of disease therapeutics. His academic journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a drive to contribute meaningfully to the scientific community. 

His journey in research began during his master’s program, when he played a pivotal role in a collaborative project with Dr. Shenoy and Dr. Daniel Chastain, Clinical Associate Professor at the extended campus in Albany. During his master’s program, Alanazi worked alongside Drs. Shenoy and Chastain, making significant contributions to a collaborative research project on a multi-arm, parallel design, preclinical study exploring the potential therapeutic advantages of combining one of the acetazolamides, candesartan, and triciribine with fluconazole for the management of cryptococcal meningoencephalitis. This collaboration resulted in his Master’s thesis, which included two lead-authored publications showcasing his commitment to advancing scientific knowledge. His ability to synthesize complex information and present it effectively in peer-reviewed journals showcases both his research acumen and communication skills.

Building upon the success of his master’s research, Alanazi chose to pursue a PhD in the CET program. His current research focuses on investigating the effect of diabetes mellitus on exacerbating the outcomes of acute lung injury. The intersection of comorbidities, such as diabetes mellitus and acute lung injury, presents a multifaceted challenge, and Alanazi’s research is poised to shed light on the underlying mechanisms. By identifying novel druggable targets, his work holds the promise of contributing to the development of innovative therapeutic strategies. The potential impact on patient outcomes makes this research not only academically significant but also clinically relevant, as the interplay between diabetes and lung injury has far-reaching implications. This pursuit aligns with the broader goal of developing targeted therapeutic interventions to improve outcomes for patients suffering from lung injuries.

In addition to his dedicated work on his Ph.D. project, Alanazi demonstrated remarkable initiative by actively engaging in the development of an alternate data science project focused on identifying novel biomarkers of metastatic cancers. Notably, he took on the role of a co-mentor for three third-year PharmD students within the college, guiding them in research methodologies as he himself delved into this new and dynamic area of study under the mentorship of Dr. Shenoy. This multifaceted involvement underscores Alanazi’s commitment to expanding his research repertoire and contributing to the broader scientific endeavors within Dr. Shenoy’s team. Further, Alanazi standardized proteomic analysis methods, thereby making a substantial contribution to a distinct project focused on the analysis of vitreous samples from diabetic patients on a collaborative project between Dr. Shenoy and Dr. Priya Narayanan, CET Director and Associate Professor at the extended campus in Augusta. The findings from this project have been compiled and submitted as a conference abstract, and a manuscript currently is in preparation for submission in the upcoming year. Alanazi’s expertise in standardizing proteomic methods has not only enhanced the precision of the analyses but also has facilitated the dissemination of valuable research outcomes to the scientific community.

Remarked Alanazi, “The wealth of experience within the faculty and the thriving research environment in the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics (CET) program serve as compelling reasons for my return to UGA as a PhD scholar after a successful Master’s journey. As a student at CET in the College of Pharmacy, I have been privileged to leverage exceptional resources, significantly enhancing both my general knowledge and research skills.”

Alanazi’s journey as a graduate student in the College of Pharmacy is characterized by a strong commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of clinical and experimental therapeutics. His instrumental role in collaborative projects, dedication to publishing impactful research, and current focus on diabetes-related acute lung injury underscore his contributions to the scientific community. As he continues his PhD research, Alanazi remains a promising researcher with the potential to make lasting contributions to the field.

Standing in the laboratory are Dr. Somanath Shenoy and Abdulaziz Alanzi.

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