What to Do in the Event of a Tornado Warning–Athens Campus

Dear Athens College of Pharmacy Faculty, Staff, and Students,

At the Athens campus, in the event of a tornado warning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, please proceed calmly to the nearest shelter area.  While waiting for the all clear, wear your face coverings and practice social distancing.  As shelter areas fill and social distancing is not possible, please remain calm and make room for others.  Below is a list of shelter areas in both RC Wilson and Pharmacy South. A tornado warning should be heeded with as much urgency as you would a fire alarm. Classes are not to continue during tornado warnings, even if the classroom being used is listed as a shelter area, as others may need to move into these rooms to find shelter.

Athens Shelter Areas

NOTE:  1st floor areas, away from windows are safest and you should always go there if time and available space permit.

 RC Wilson Building

1st floor – The room 120 auditorium and all space from the double wooden doors by room 143 down to the hallway outside of rooms 153 and 155. The room 147 Staff breakroom and the 149 and 152 office suites can also be used.

2nd floor – Both restrooms, classroom 238 and the interior hallway between rooms 235 and 271

3rd floor – Classrooms 337, 338 and the interior hallway between room 335 and the double fire doors at the stairwell to the 4th floor. Staying on the 3rd floor should be a last resort, and only done if there is no time to evacuate to the 1st or 2nd floors.

4th floor – No safe space, evacuate to the 3rd floor, using the stairs.

Pharmacy South

1st floor – Both restrooms and the interior hallway between room 117 and the doors to the room 135 receiving area. These doors should be closed. Interior rooms in the 115 student affairs suite can also be used.

2nd floor –  Both restrooms, the vending room and the interior hallway between room 213 and the entrance to room 225. Additionally, classrooms 210 and 220 can be used.

3rd and 4th floors –  Given early enough warning, evacuate to the 1st or 2nd  floor. Remember that there is no access to the 1st floor from the south stairwell behind the Kroger center. If there is no time to leave the floor, use the interior hallways between the service elevator and the women’s restroom, but do not use the restrooms as they have exterior walls on these floors.  If crowding forces you down the hallway in front of 315 or 415, get as low as possible due to the windows between the hallway and the labs.

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