Why I Give: 2023 Class President Sarah Adam Shares Why She Gives Back

Dr. Sarah Adam ’23 is passionate about the PharmDawg Nation. So much so, that this recent PharmD graduate, who served as President of the Class of 2023, made a conscious decision to establish a habit of giving by supporting the College’s Senior Legacy program.

Founded in 1998, the mission of the College of Pharmacy’s Senior Legacy program is to increase student awareness about the importance of alumni support and to challenge students to give back to the place where they received their professional education.  Senior Legacy also allows students to leave their mark on the College, both literally and figuratively. Donations support a student scholarship to pave the way for future generations of PharmDawgs, and names of Senior Legacy donors are added to a class plaque in the R.C. Wilson building.

Sarah and many of her fellow classmates exemplified the value of giving back to their College while they were still in school. “The College of Pharmacy provided me with many opportunities to grow and start my career as a pharmacist, some of which I would not have been able to complete without financial support,” said Adam, who has accepted a fellowship at the National Community Pharmacists Association in Washington, D.C. and a pharmacist’s position at Grubb’s Pharmacy. “I feel that it is important to start giving while you’re still in pharmacy school. Although your school years are likely when you are the most financially stressed, it sets a foundation and habit of giving even before you have a salary with the means to give more.”

A few students go above and beyond each year by joining the Senior Legacy Committee, a student organization that fosters a spirit of giving by helping fellow students understand the necessity of philanthropy. Adam was a member of this group.

“I chose to be a member of the Senior Legacy Committee when I recognized the value of alumni support,” she remarked. “Early on, I knew that one day I would give back to the College as an alumnus through whatever resources I could. Having the opportunity to connect and network with alumni while I was in school only made this desire increase.”

The decision to give can often be incredibly personal. For Adam, who was the student speaker at the 2023 PharmD Commencement Ceremony, it’s straightforward.

“I hope my legacy is continued through my positive spirit and encouraging ways,” Adam added. “Beyond that, I plan to come back and give guest lectures and talk with faculty and students to continue my physical legacy. Until then, a lot of my legacy will be in the way I donate. I hope to be able to provide opportunities for pharmacy students for years to come.”

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